Where has all the judgement gone?

19 February 2021

With Dulcie Naimer, and thanks to Pete Seeger (hear him or sing along)

Where has all the judgement gone?
Long time missing.
Why has all the judgement gone?
So much suppressed.
Where did all the judgement go?
Distraction took it every bit.
How will this ever turn?
Why do we never learn?

Why should any fact be fake?
So much lying.
Why is truth so hard to take?
Buried long ago.
Why so many facts are fake?
Millions made on every one.
When will we see the light?
When will we get this right?

Where have half the voters gone?
Long time dumbing down.
Why have half the voters gone?
Short-term trusting.
Where did half the voters go?
To exploiters everyone.
Why can’t we ever hear?
Why is there so much fear?

Where has so much nature gone?
Long time warming.
Why has so much nature gone?
Short-term taking.
Where does all that nature go?
Gone to greed every tree.
When will we ever care?
Why can’t we learn to share?

Why did COVID-19 come?
Long time asking.
What else could be going on?
Answers ended long ago.
What do all our leaders see?
Six feet forward every drop.
That leaves us on the brink.
When will they ever think?

Now the smart new leaders come.
Long time waiting.
Will these smart new leaders lead?
So far to go.
What can smart new leaders do?
Facing crisis everywhere.
We will have to fix the past.
We must learn to do it fast.


© Henry Mintzberg and Dulcie Naimer 2021 under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

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