Henry Mintzberg


I have prepared this website in response to requests for information on my background and my activities. You can click to my articles, books, interviews, talks, and videos, as well as some personal interests (short stories, beaver sculptures). Also connect to several of the unusual programs that we have developed, also to my blog, plus LinkedinTwitter, and MailChimp (direct).

(Website updated in April 2024)


This blog is about reframing management and lots more. It started as a TWOG (TWeet 2 blOG) but is now also a much LinkedIn 2 blog. Every few weeks, from pithy pronouncements in a line or few to playful provocations in a page or few. See the BLOGs directly (now numbering over 200 posts), connect to them via LinkedIn or twiXer, or subscribe on MailChimp.

Minutes with Mintzberg

Over 40 short videos about reframing management, society, health care, and more, most excerpted from question & answer events on Zoom. Connect on YouTube, also see the rest of my channel there.