Bedtime Stories for Managers

Had your fill of lofty leadership, strategic planning, and human resources?

Here comes engaging management, strategic learning, and human beings.

Relax tonight with this enchanting collection of bedtime stories from Henry Mintzberg, “perhaps the world’s premier management thinker” (Tom Peters).

  • Celebrate strategies that grow like weeds in a garden
  • Discover how to organize like a cow instead of a chart
  • Learn to select managers for their flaws
  • Appreciate that if you can’t measure it, you had better manage it
  • Above all, welcome communityship beyond leadership

Join this campaign to bring management down from the clouds, by debunking the maestro myth of managing, replacing keynote speakers with keynote listening, uncovering the soft underbelly of hard data, and questioning the label “CEO” in hospitals, governments, and other endangered species.

Who better to write bedtime stories for managers than Henry Mintzberg of McGill University, purveyor of outrageous idea that eventually become obvious. This is his 20th book, certainly his most playful and possibly his most serious.