Sports can be Punny

4 October 2021

Watching tennis, Lisa and Andy, Dulcie and Henry began to muse:

In tennis, love means nothing.
It’s the other person’s fault.

Chess is moving.
But in soccer you really use your head.

Skiing is downhill all the way.
It’s a slippery slope.

Basketball is baseless.
Baseball is hoopless.

Archery is aimless.
Javelin is pointless.

Marathoners are in it for the long run,
But sometimes they cross the line.

Skating can break the ice.
Curling can be a clean sweep.

Fencing makes for good neighbours.
It masks their feelings.

Bowling is striking.
Cricket is a wicket game.
Both bowl you over.

When Formula 1 drivers are driven,
They really put their foot down.

Who does more fighting?
Boxers? Or hockey players?

Who does more pitching:
The pitcher? Or the promoter?

People all over the world get a kick out of football,
But Canadians give a puck about hockey.

Thank you for being good sports. We hope you’ve had lots of pun. We had a ball.

Feel free to pitch in, if you’re game.


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