Time 2 Twog

2 September 2014

Today I’m 75; this is no time to tweet. So welcome to my TWOG—Tweet2Blog. Rousing reflections in a page or 2 beyond pithy pronouncements in a sentence or 2.

To link out in this world of 140 characters, you’re supposed to tweet. I can do that 2. The problem is that, as we tweet, the world totters. True, some tweets are inspiring--for a second or 2. Then it’s on to the next inspiration or 2.

We need to face back—to reflect in, even without friends—and that can begin with the 141st character. Of course a book or 2 is better than a page or 2, even if it takes a week or 2. That’s how we really get it. I write books so that I can really get it 2. But here I’ll have to settle for a TWOG instead of a BLOOK (although I may bug you to browse a book or 2, if not all 18).

So here comes what I really think: LINKING and LOGGING, FACING and FLOGGING, TWEETING for BLOGGING. I intend to do this at most weekly, to avoid doing it at worst weakly, feeding the beast with all sorts of provocative and profound fun. Look for the likes of:

  • How eggs on end upend proper science
  • Managerms
  • Will “The End of History” end our history?
  • In praise of the flawed manager
  • Why I climb mountains anyway
  • Adjectival capitalism

So please link out and tell your friends to face back, from twitter @mintzberg141.

Look for these TWOGs on Fridays, the next one on 12 September. My special thanks to Tatiana Saliba, Estelle Metayer, and Eric Smith for getting technopeasant me to TWOG here.

© 2014 Henry Mintzberg