The Inescapable Conundrums of Managing

23 May 2023

Management is a practice, not a profession or a science. It is learned largely through experience, which means that it’s primarily a craft, although some of the best managers make considerable use of art. To appreciate the true complexities of managing, we have to understand its intrinsic conundrums, eight in particular: the predicament of planning, the quandary of connecting,  the labyrinth of decomposing, the mysteries of measuring, the dilemma of delegating, the ambiguity of acting, the riddle of change, and the clutch of confidence.
This is an excerpt from the article “The Inescapable Conundrums of Managing.”
The full article can be found on thoughtLEADERS.LLC blog. This draws from Chapter 5, “Managing on Tightropes”, of the book Simply Managing.