Being a prophet in our own land

5 August 2020

We’ve been musing, about what it takes to be a prophet in our own land, revered in a sacred national calling. (Let’s leave out being a star in entertainment or sports, because every country has these.) We made up the list below with the judicious use of our own stereotypes. If your country is missing, or if you care to replace our stereotype with yours, please see below to join in. Here goes…

In Japan be a treasured potter
In France be a three-star chef
In Italy be an august opera singer
In Britain be a wit
In Germany/Austria be a departed composer
In China be an ancient sage
In Greece be a profound philosopher
In Brazil be a gutsy prosecutor
In Switzerland be a canny banker
In Canada be a diplomatic statesperson
In America be an audacious entrepreneur
In Israel be an intrepid commando
In Belgium be a fine chocolatier
In Russia be a chess master
In New Zealand be a dauntless climber
In Finland be an avant-garde architect
In the Middle East be a prophet
In India be a guru
In Australia be a mate
In Latin America be a liberating novelist
In Denmark be an enchanting storyteller
In Norway be a great explorer (cold places)
In Portugal be a great explorer (hot places)

Over to you  On Twitter or LinkedIn, feel free to correct or add your own stereotype (a) for your own country only, (b) for a calling that is unique to the country, (c) in two or three English words only, one for the country, one for the calling, and perhaps an adjective for the calling.  (We will stop reading after three words, unless you come from the Czech Republic, in which case, four.) Remember: not sports or entertainment, and not just a national characteristic, but one whose best are revered. When we get the results, we will figure out how to convey them to you, so that you can get on with your training.

© Henry Mintzberg 2020

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