Superpower Corrupts. Antagonistic Superpowers Corrupt Absolutely

23 May 2024

SuperPower Corrupts


Here is my latest article, just published in the Journal of Management Inquiry, open source. It’s rather ambitious, but nothing else seems to be working!

If power tends to corrupt, then imagine what superpower can do. Three superpowers, each imbalanced in its own way—toward state communism (China), private capitalism (United States), and national populism (Russia)—vie with each other for global supremacy, all with a substantial arsenal of nuclear weapons under the control of a single individual. Whether malevolent or mistaken, any one can provoke World War III. We shall, therefore, have to think outside the superpower box, for example, by favoring grounded communityship over centralized leadership, and global governance beyond antagonistic superpower.

You can read the full article in The Journal of Management Inquiry - a quarterly peer-reviewed academic journal that publishes papers in the field of management with an emphasis on qualitative research.